Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Kayla-

----Just a little note to tell Kayla that I am still alive...just not blogging. Because life with Jenni is pretty boring and busy with everything. So I am still alive...on Facebook and MySpace...the single people area of the internet...ha ha ha. What the hell I might as well update everyone! Ok. I am still in Logan Utah, going to school at Utah State, I just got a new job, Syd is getting married Saturday, I blew a tire on my car today, set up my wireless internet and had a coffee.

How is that Kayla...does that work?? ha ha ha. I dont have the pictures from Saturday uploaded yet. Kayla told me I should blog about bowling for Anna'a bachellorette party on Saturday, but I havent uploaded the pictures yet. But dont you worry...I will. Maybe. :) ha ha love you all!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today I was sitting around bored, so I decided I should work on my Arts Symposium class since I have one month left and 8 assignments that I need to do, on my own time. I looked at the agenda and noticed an add for Frank Warren, Creator of Post Secrets was going to be lecturing on campus tonight. I looked up the blog . I automatically new that I wanted to go to his lecture. I went up to campus and got myself a ticket. I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into. I went to campus with an open mind and an open agenda. I sat down in the Ballroom, every inch of the ballroom was filled with chairs and they had chairs and a big screen set up in the Sunburst Lounge outside the ballroom, and the seats were filling up fast. The very first part of the lecture was the music video to "Dirty Little Secrets"by All American Rejects Frank started his blog as a project, he handed out post cards with his return address and asked people to design the card and add their secret to it, the one secret that they had never told any body. After years, Frank is still getting thousands of post cards a week with peoples dirty little secrets. After Frank finished, he left the mic open to anyone that wanted to share their secrets. It was amazing to see what people had gone through and were willing to share in front of a room full of complete strangers. It was so emotional for me. I couldn't believe what some people had never told people, until they found Frank, someone that will keep their secret and make them feel better knowing that they arent the only ones that know it anymore. Frank then gave us the challenge to tell someone our secret, because telling our secrets is our way of getting closer to someone, even if we tell him, on a post card, or if we tell our best friend or a family member. This was such a great lecture and I am SO glad that tonight I decided to go and watch this. So this is my challenge, if you have a little something that you want to tell someone but just don't know who...tell Frank he'll listen.
Post Secret/Frank Warren
13345 Copper Ridge Rd
Germantown, MD

If you guys EVER get the chance to attend one of Frank's lectures, do it, it was a real eye opening experience for me.
Just another one of Frank's it!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Hanging out with Bubba

So this weekend mom and dad left me and Syd home. Bad idea. As two young adults do, we eventually got bored and decided to take a few guns out back and shoot stuff. Well as some of you may know, I have a garden in the backyard with a toilet as a center piece, yes a toilet! The things my mother lets me get away with. Anyway, me and Syd were shooting the rock behind the house, just bein dorks. He was given me advice how to improve my shot. Well I asked him if he had hit my toilet with his snowmachine cause the front of it was broken off, and he was like no but I am gonna shoot it. And at first being the older smarter one of the two I protested, I was like "No, it will make a huge mess and I will just end up cleaning it up when the snow melts," well being my little brother he PROMISES to clean up EVERY piece as soon as the snow melts, "imagine how fun it will be." We both laughed, I decided we would go through with it, but I HAD to video it so we could laugh about it later. Well you can watch the video and tell the first shot just cracked a bunch of it and sent pieces flying EVERYWHERE, including at Syd's face, one piece hit him in the mouth and he was bleeding a bit, and we laughed and he shot it again, shattering the WHOLE thing. We didnt tell our parents of course, they would be mad, so it snowed and my mom finally noticed the toilet was in pieces and she sent me a picture message of it and it said, "I think it may need some glue," lol and then Syd showed her the video, she too laughed but said one of us could have lost an eye. But that would have been a great story huh? lol. So that was my funny experience with Bub the other day. I'm still laughing!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Ag Ambassador Interview

So a few weeks ago I was hanging out in USU College Of Ag building and I noticed a poster that was advertising an Ag Ambassador position was open and applications were due. So I decided to go and apply. What do I have to lose?? Lol. So I finally had my interview today, and not knowing what in the world to expect, I went in, in my USU Hoodie, my favorite Cruel Girls, and my pink Camo Ariats. Well, the Mr. Amazing guy before me was in slacks, a nice button up shirt, and to top it off a tie. Yeah I hope they don't go on how we dressed up cause I apparently didnt get that memo!! ha ha. But oh well, if I dont get the position I will get the experience and know for next time that I need to dress up a bit more!! ha ha. Spring Break was great for me! I went to Malta for a few days, and then spent the rest of it in Bear Lake. I went to the movie with Kayla, oh how I love that pregnant girl!! Me and Trav's girls went to Tessa's house for a play date, that was fun. THe kids were hilarious. But all in all it was good!! :) Its snowing today...darn it!! Well I am off to write yet another paper!! Love you all!

Friday, February 20, 2009


This is what you see when you are drivin up the road to my house!! The beautiful A on the top of Old Main on campus at USU!! Its so pretty at night!! Well I thought it was about time to update since its been over a month since I have wrote anything!! I am doing great!! I officially get my Agriculture Business Degree from CSI in May!! I am so excited for that!! I actually get 3 degrees but they are pretty much all the same thing!! :) I am startin to really like Logan!! Its gettin fun!! I love my dance class. It keeps me laughin nearly everyday. We learn a new line dance every week and its alot of fun. I havent dared to go out on Country Swing Night and test out my new skills but I will some day soon, I found some old buddies from FFA that are willing to take me down on my Virgin Trip to Country Swing Night!! There are so many Bear Lakers at USU...and I usually run into them when I am riding the bus to my car! Which is a really good time to catch up on the past 3 years!! I cant believe I've been out of school that stinkin long!! Anyways. Things are great!! My sister is due to have a baby in July!! Way excited for that!! YAY. :) Anyways. I best go finish my laundry!! have fun and be safe!! Love ya'll!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hey all!! :) I'm officially settled into Utah!! I moved down here last Friday and so far so good. I made it through my first 3 days of school!! On Monday and Wednesday I only have 1 class. Ha Ha. A Western Swing Dance class. It is so stinking fun!! :) Today was hilarious. I tell all my partners that I am totally uncoordinated and they all laugh. Swing Dance is all about the guy, so the girls don't really have to do anything, we just follow the guys. I had a few partners that really knew what was going on so they were totally better than me and helped me out. I am meeting so many new and fun people!! Yay for new friends!! We learned a new step today called the Salesman Dip. Oh gosh lol. My first partner was totally as uncoordinated as I am so I nearly fell on my head, but my 2Nd one was like totally trust me and we'll be fine. So here I am unharmed!! lol. My other classes are going to be OK, I am taking an Arts Symposium class. I have to go to all these plays and dances and concerts. It will be entertaining!! ha ha ha. Anyways. That's just a little update about Jenni moving to USU. Yay. GO AGGIES! :)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Cause I'm becoming a Utahn.

Thats right people. I'm moving to Utah tomorrow!! Crazy huh. Christmas break has been completely fun for me. I have had alot of fun! I spent most of my time home with the family but there were a few times I went out with the friends and rallied in old Bear Lake like the old days. Made me feel like a kid again. Lol. But here are some pictures to show you the fun I had.
Syd put the tractor in the yard for my mom to put lights on. And then they got it stuck gettin it out...typical. lol. This is where I ran my beautiful Buick off the road in Pescadero on my way home from my spend over at Anna B's house. Trav was mad so me made me sit and wait for nearly 2 hours.

Me and Rorie made pizza for the boys. She loved the frozen cheese. She is a crazy girl!! Brylee is such a crazy girl she has grown up so much and had been running around like a small crazy monkey. lol They have been alot of fun.