Monday, September 14, 2009

Dear Kayla-

----Just a little note to tell Kayla that I am still alive...just not blogging. Because life with Jenni is pretty boring and busy with everything. So I am still alive...on Facebook and MySpace...the single people area of the internet...ha ha ha. What the hell I might as well update everyone! Ok. I am still in Logan Utah, going to school at Utah State, I just got a new job, Syd is getting married Saturday, I blew a tire on my car today, set up my wireless internet and had a coffee.

How is that Kayla...does that work?? ha ha ha. I dont have the pictures from Saturday uploaded yet. Kayla told me I should blog about bowling for Anna'a bachellorette party on Saturday, but I havent uploaded the pictures yet. But dont you worry...I will. Maybe. :) ha ha love you all!!

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